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Math Redeemed Academic Services

Math Formulas

Diagnostic Assessment

Are you curious where your student's "holes" are? Are you looking to find particular topics in need of review? The diagnostic tool will identify your student's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for further review.

Boot Camps

These one-week intensives focus on specific concepts and are geared to build confidence in what you have already learned. They are great preparation for finals or reinforcing topics for the next class.

Personal Tution
Math Notebook and Calculator


Each course offered by Prof Josh is designed to promote the "how" and "why." A course from Prof Josh ensures procedural competence as well as deep mathematical understanding.


Are you considering an independent program of study for mathematics? Perhaps you are looking at homeschooling? Let Prof Josh help you review curriculum and build a philosophically sound program of study for you and your learner.

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