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Do you feel dissatisfied knowing how to perform mathematical procedures without any deep understanding? Whether you are looking to supplement current curriculum for your student or simply want a refresher yourself, these courses are for you! Each course uncovers both the how and the why...because math is so much more than mindless procedure.

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Courses Offered by Prof Josh

These courses are available to take at your own pace. Each course includes lecture videos with notes, suggested pacing, assessments with solutions, and access to a weekly virtual "office hour" with Prof Josh.

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Fractions Without Fear

A review of fractions.
Suggested Length: 1 month (4 weeks)

In this 4-part online course students will see fractions defined and modeled, arithmetic defined, and applications given. If you need a refresher or simply a fresh look, this is for you!


Math Formulas

Algebra for College Success

Algebraic Fluency
Suggested Length: 7 months (14 weeks per semester)

This is a 2-semester course designed to give students the algebraic understanding and proficiency necessary for enjoying success at the next level.

$40 per month

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Visualizing the World

A Course in Descriptive Statistics
Suggested Length: 2 months (4 weeks)

Students will learn the terminology of statistics, how to gather data, and how to represent data meaningfully (both graphically and numerically). Special attention will be given to thinking critically about how data is portrayed. (8 weeks)

$40 per month ($80 total)

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Informing Expectation
2 months (8 weeks)


As we cover the basic rules of probability and probability distributions (discrete and continuous), students will have their eyes opened to the power of probability. Students will learn to see the world through a new lense of informed intuition!

$40 per month ($80 total)

Ring of Light Bulbs

Logic and Set Theory

Foundations of Mathematical Thought


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